Two new soup kitchens fight malnutrition in Peru

Our Chiclayo site is in the north of Peru, where families lack basic services such as safe drinking water, sanitation, health care, and quality education. Chalice has partnered with the Centro Esperanza (Hope Centre) to run our sponsorship program there since 2004.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most health centres were closed, and that made it difficult for many families to go for their regular health checkups. Therefore, the site ran a Nutrition Program for 80 children from two neighbourhoods- “La Ladrillera” and “Las Portadas de las Americas.”   

Together Chalice and Roddie, one of our Chalice champions, attended the two kitchens’ soup inaugurations in the two neighbourhoods in December 2022.     

Roddie and his son, Brandon previously visited our PINIFE site in Peru ten years ago.  His son was deeply moved by the humble people and poverty around the site. Brandon thought of this memory often and had such a strong connection that he felt driven to do something more. Unfortunately, a year ago, compassionate Brandon sadly passed away. The two soup kitchens included Brandon’s name in his memory: “Brandon Sembrador de Esperanza” (Brandon Hope Cultivator) – La Ladrillera and “Brandon Solidaridad” (Bradon Solidarity) – Las portadas de las Americas.   

Now, thanks to these soup kitchens, there are rich nutritious meals for 80 children who suffer from malnutrition. Mothers participate in the kitchen and meet with a nutritionist who teaches them to have balanced food and food sanitation.  

The staff in the “Centro Esperanza” were happy to see Roddie in the kitchen, where he even showed his culinary talent by teaching mothers to cook some dishes. “Brandon was present through his father” the staff write. This project will improve children’s and family’s health in many ways. Brandon will have a special place in our hearts forever. 

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