Fatima became a great leader thanks to Chalice family circles

Farida learned to be persistent, brave, and grateful during her journey. 

When Farida was a small child, her parents passed away, and she spent some time on the streets until being rescued by a kind family. Although it wasn’t easy, she overcame those difficulties and now she is married with four children and works hard to support her growing family. Farida did not have the opportunity to study, but she promised herself that her children would complete their educations. 

Farida enrolled her daughter, Fatima, in the Holy Cross boarding school in our Goa sponsor site. When the Goa site staff met Fatima and her little brother Riyaz, they thought the children would be good candidates for the sponsorship program. They were soon paired with Chalice sponsors, and the family has never looked back.

Soon, Farida made an immediate impression on her Chalice family circle. They saw her courage to speak up and elected her to lead their group.

“In the group she encouraged women; she shares her knowledge and empowers them,” describes their field worker. “[Farida] motivates them. Her example inflames the women to struggle for a bright future.”

By chance, Farida befriended a German woman named Tara. During their conversations, Farida shared a little bit of her life story. Tara was deeply impressed, and when she opened an NGO in the Goa area, she approached Farida to be the president. Farida runs the organization well, thanks to her experience in Chalice family circle

“She gives full credit to Chalice for forming her, an uneducated woman, into a leader,” the Goa staff writes.

Today, Farida’s two eldest sons have graduated, and her two younger sons are in high school.

“She recalls her days of struggles with gratitude and the lessons learned from them,” the Goa site staff writes. “She also attributes her success to Chalice.”

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