Borehole well resolves water needs in Ghana

In Ghana, the dry seasons have been longer this year while the fertile rainy seasons have shortened. In rural northern Ghana where Bu Roman Catholic Primary School is located– which is attended by many sponsored students from our Nandom site. Due to its rural location, the school faces many challenges and access to water has been an ongoing issue. 

The school has 402 students and during their break, they have to run across a busy main road to the closest water source. It is an enormous effort to provide clean drinking water for the students and hard to get enough water for the school lunch program. 

Thanks to donors, a drilling borehole well project could start; the community and students were thrilled to hear the news! “The chief and Elders, the Bu community, the school children, and teachers join me in sending you our heartfelt gratitude for this gift of a pump. We assure you that we will take good care of it to last long and solve our water needs. Thank you, and may God richly bless you.” writes Boniface, Nandom site director. 

 When the project was done, the school “invited a priest to the school and in the presence of children and teachers, he blessed the water for us to start drinking,” says Boniface. 

Give the gift of a water project and bring life to another school or community in need

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