Empowering women and families through Chalice family circles

“The skills training will impact positively on the life of many families at the site.” 

These mothers are not just smiling because they’re bedecked with beads, but because they are modeling their popular new designs!

Communities in Ghana have been greatly impacted by shutdowns during the pandemic which closed markets, impacting both incomes and access to food and supplies. Once markets reopened families were eager to start new and better small enterprises and rebuild their families’ finances. 

In response to a request from parents in the Chalice family circle, the Konta sponsor site ran workshops teaching valuable skills in soap-making and beaded apparel. With enthusiasm 76 families from five communities attended these four-day sessions where they learned to bead bracelets, necklaces, sandals and other accessories. 

“The necklace and head beads are valued in the communities,” writes Nicholas, Konta site director, “and as soon as they are beautifully crafted they tend to sell quickly.”

Nicholas is excited to see the parents improving their family’s financial stability through these skills. “These families were encouraged to use these new skills to benefit their family members and the community as a whole.” 

Did you know? We currently have over 2,400 family circle groups across our 53 sponsor sites. Learn more about Chalice family circles: chalice.ca/about