Back to school!

Chalice has been partnering with the Fondation Montesinos who run the Pierre Salvatti Orphanage, since 2018. Chalice’s sponsor site is called St Dominique, named for the children’s school, L’Institution Saint Dominique. The school is the meeting point for children who live at the orphanage, under the care of loving staff members and Sisters, and the children in the community who can live with their families.

The sponsor site is located just outside the capital, Port-au-Prince, which has been at the centre of Haiti’s ongoing political turmoil and social disorder, which has led to soaring inflation and shortages on essentials. The unmanageable costs of food, fuel and other basics are pushing families further into poverty and food insecurity. The “basics” children need to attend school daily are becoming luxuries for the parents and guardians of sponsored children.

The children’s education is central to the sponsor site’s mission. But for 110 sponsored children, the cost of books, uniforms, school supplies and clothing was preventing them from attending their classes and completing their studies.

That’s when generous Chalice supporters stepped in cleared the way for the site staff to provide enough supplies for the children.

With your help, the St Dominique site staff created kits of essentials for each of the students, including uniforms, shoes, school bags, undergarments, books, notebooks, paper, writing utensils, and a calculator. The site also offset some of the costs of the school fees for the children.

“Their parents were very happy to receive that support for the children this year,” writes Robenson, the St. Dominique site director.

“With the happiness and smiles that I have seen on the face of every child just by receiving a few… books by the school make me feel great and hope[ful].”

Your support enabled 110 vulnerable children to continue their educations and focus on their lessons amid a challenging situation.