Sponsorship Spells Success for Surya

Bleak and desolate.  

That’s how Surya felt after his father passed away when he was just 13 years old. Left living in a rental home with only his ailing mother and younger brother, the future looked hopeless. 

The Chalice Tamil site, however, wasn’t very far from where Surya lived. Soon, he grew acquainted with the site staff, and was accepted into the sponsorship program. Soon, it gave him and his family a new lease on life. 

Surya quickly proved his ability in several disciplines, including sports and mechanical activities. Repairing and assembling materials was particularly fascinating. So, when the time came, he was encouraged to study for a diploma in mechanical engineering. 

And study he did! Soon after graduation, Surya became a final inspector in quality deportment at a tire company. Not only has he risen in the ranks, he’s now one of the most important employees in the company. 

For young people like Surya, the Chalice sponsorship program offers them healing from traumatic experiences.  

“I will always be grateful to my sponsor, whom I hold in high esteem and who helped me learn the value of friendship and solidarity, in the same way, I think all the staff of Chalice for having chosen me for this program,” Surya writes. 

Want to give hope to someone like Surya? Find out more about the Chalice sponsorship program!  

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