Three Quotes from Saints to Inspire Your Resolutions

New year, new you, right? Though every day is a chance for a fresh start, the start of a new year is the beginning of a new chapter, symbolically and literally.  

Whether your resolutions are big or small, or don’t yet exist at all, a bit of heavenly wisdom can always lend hope for the new year. Taking inspiration from the sayings of our favourite saints, we’re sharing three ways to level up your New Year’s resolutions. Bonus – all these saints are from the regions where Chalice serves!  

#1 “If I had a thousand lives, I’d give every one to Jesus.” – St. Lorenzo Ruiz, patron saint of the Philippines 

As St. Lorenzo surely knew, growing deeper in faith is always a great resolution. This year, think about how you can give your life to Jesus a little more. That could be taking in a spiritual podcast* (Bible in a Year, anyone?), going to Mass, or spending an extra five minutes in daily prayer. At the end of the 2022, you can ask yourself: how did I give my life to Jesus this year?   

*Keep your ears open for the first episode of our Chalice podcast, Stories from the Table, at the end of March!  

#2 “I have enough for myself, but if I stop work, I have not enough for others.” – Venerable Pierre Toussaint 

Ven. Pierre Toussaint was born into slavery in present-day Haiti, and was later moved to New York City. He was freed in 1807, by which time he was already on his way to being one of the most prominent hairdressers in the city. He took the last name Toussaint after the leader of the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint Louverture.  

He was also a devout Catholic, attender of daily Mass, and giver to the poor. He and his wife sheltered numerous orphans, helping them learn trades and find jobs. He regularly assisted Haitian refugees new to New York, and helped raise money to build Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the city.  

Ven. Pierre Toussaint’s example certainly makes us reflect on how we can give more to others! This year, consider using these ideas to give back to others: volunteering your time with a good cause, reaching out to someone new in town, or sponsoring a child 

#3 “When we serve the poor and the sick, we serve Jesus.” Santa Rosa of Lima, patron saint of Peru. 

If we want to see the face of Jesus this year, we need to go to the poor and sick. These past two years, that message has hit home. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to suffer in poverty, while those sick are dealing with loneliness and isolation.  

To serve Jesus, perhaps spend some time this year praying for the poor and sick, in your own community and overseas. If you have the means, consider committing to a monthly charitable donation. At Chalice, serving the poor and sick is a huge part of our mission – check out our website to learn more about how we do it. 

At the end of the year, be sure to reflect on what your New Year’s resolutions accomplished! What’s your resolution? We want to know! Tell us in the comments

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