Photo Friday: Our Top 5 ‘Throwback’ photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world. 

A new year is a symbolic fresh start for many people, with “New year, new me” an oft-quoted expression around this time. It’s important to celebrate the new, of course, but it’s also important not to remember our past. Our top 5 ‘Throwback’ photos remind us of all the good things worth remembering in the near year. 

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#5: Yummy Food

In 2019, kids at our Michogomone site in Kenya received some healthy meals! A core program of ours at Chalice is our Nutrition Program, and we’ll keep that going into the new year, and beyond. 

#4: Playing Pretend

These kids at our Pochaiv site in Ukraine are such cuties! Playing with friends outdoors is one throwback we could all use a little more of. 

#3: Old Jobs

Sr Merilise used to be the site director for the Haiti South site. When she stepped back from that role, she became the site’s spiritual director. In 2018, she joined a group of Chalice volunteers at the Haiti North siteChalice is fortunate to have made so many memories with her! 

#2: Peaceful Prayer

Throwback to these kids at our Samar site in the Philippines deep in prayer! If you haven’t made prayer a part of your daily life, 2022 is the year. Start by simply talking to God for two or three minutes of your day. If you’d like to be prayed for, head to  

#1: Nom-Nom

Yum! A tasty treat always deserves a throwback. Fabiana is a site worker with the Don Bosco site in Paraguay. She came for a regular check-in with a sponsored child, and was treated to a feast of tortillas! 

Happy New Year!  

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