Ponciana is cured from a tumor thanks to the Critical Needs fund

Ponciana is the mother of five children and currently lives alone with her youngest daughter, María Nicol, who is sponsored through our Yapacani site in Bolivia. Ponciana has been experiencing headaches for several years, but in July, the pain became unbearable.  

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Ponciana’s synthons

Those terrible headaches were no longer able to be relieved by regular medication. The 53-year-old mother went to the hospital, where her doctor diagnosed a benign bone tumour on the right frontal region of her skull. She urgently needed surgery and was referred to a hospital with a specialized neurosurgeon.    

Ponciana, who has been a widow for 17 years, could not afford her treatment. While this caused her great distress, she was even more afraid to leave her little Maria Nicol motherless.  

Ponciana received a surgery through the critical fund

Through the Yapacani site, she requested financial assistance from Chalice for her treatment. Godofredo, our Yapacani fieldworker, assured the family them that he would accompany them on this journey.  

Thanks to everyone who supported Ponciana through our Critical Needs fund, she had her surgery successfully, without any complications. She stayed in the hospital for several days to recover — her daughter and Godofredo always at her side. Ten days after her surgery, Ponciana was happily back to work. The site staff continue to check in on her progress, ensuring she is able to make it to follow-up appointments and scans, also purchasing vitamins and dietary supplements to further support her recovery.  

“I am so grateful to all the people who cared about me when I reached out to Chalice’s office for help,” Ponciana says.  

“I especially want to thank Chalice for the financial help, and God for giving me the chance to stay alive, be able to work and accompany my daughter and my grandchildren for many more years. May God bless all the people with a good heart.”  

To support those most urgently in need, visit: chalice.ca/critical-needs

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