Isaack’s story – hope for other boys in Kenya

Isaack’s journey to success has been a steep climb. But this happy and humble young man is grateful that his story can be a source of hope to other boys. 

Isaack is the third of six siblings in his humble family. They grew up in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya. Tragically, they lost their father when Isaac was little, and his mother worked hard to raise her children alone. Covering their education expenses became impossible. Sadly, his brothers started leaving school one by one to get jobs. Isaac immediately joined them and began to collect scrap metal and plastic bottles to sell to raise money for family food. 

“For two months the boy was on the streets of Mombasa begging for money from travelers,” recalls Sr. Janefrances, Mombasa site director.

During that dark time, a group of social workers from the Grandsons Rescue Centre saved Isaack. They took him to the St. Joseph sisters’ shelter.  

Isaack completed a year in their recovery programme after entering the shelter in 2013. He was prepared to return to the Grandsons Education Centre after the year.

“His education journey was not smooth, he lacked basic school accessories,” Sr. Janefrances recalls. But then a Chalice sponsor helped Isaac overcome that barrier. 

Isaack was sponsored in 2018, and as a result, his educational expenses, supplies, and medical care was paid for.

The following year, Isaac took his grade eight national exams. In the Kenyan education system, students’ scores on these exams determine whether, and where, they can attend high school.

Isaack “got an excellent result which enabled him to go to one of the best schools in the country.”

He was not afraid; in fact, he was determined! Fully committed to his studies, Isaac kept up his hard work, and prayed  in thanksgiving for his Canadian sponsor.  

Just before Christmas 2022, he completed his last round of high school exams. Having excellent grades, allowing him to study geology in college.

“He is very happy and humbled to God and the sponsors,” writes Sr. Janefrances. “He will be a role model in his family and says that one day he will help his mother on taking care of the family.” 

Isaack had a transformation because of the support of his sponsor; he still remembers his time spent living on the streets and still finds it hard to believe he will soon be attending college.   

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