Dedication to children’s well-being and education is a bless

Our site directors have their unique call from God, but they all follow the same path of helping people who are in need

Introducing Sally

Sally Thuo is the founder and Director of Progressive Focus Centre located in the community of Njeru, which is outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Progressive is a haven and home for rescued children and orphans which started in January 2007.   

Sally moved to Njeru for work, and after spending a year observing her neighbourhood, she became aware of its difficulties. Alarmingly, there were many single, unwell mothers and malnourished children. She discovered that most of these women were suffering from severe illnesses such as HIV and AIDS. Every day, children were defiled, and others were abandoned by their families. On top of this, the lack of jobs and the alcohol abuse amongst men was worrying. Sally felt a calling to do something.   

Sally’s story begins

In January 2007, with a wing and a prayer, Sally resigned from her job and started a small school. She talked to her friends and family, who supported her with food and educational materials. After a year, Sally made the decision to start a children’s home because most of her students would remain in school even after school sessions ended. Sadly, most of them did not want to go back home because of the terrible conditions.  

Currently, Progressive Focus Centre has a community school, a children’s home, and a rescue center for children, especially young girls.  

Chalice working with Progressive Focus Centre

The centre still faces a myriad of problems, including lack of sufficient space to accommodate all the children, lack of school fees, especially for those in high school and college; and health and nutrition problems. Through our Nairobi site, 23 of Sally’s 70 Progressive children are being sponsored with Chalice; as well, with the ability to access other types of Chalice funding, Sally is now able to count on a steady source of funds for the first time since she opened in 2008!   

The centre also tries to be self-sustaining and they plant vegetables to feed the children. If they don’t need all the harvest of a given product, the older boys go to the market to sell them. Having an income which allow them to purchase food items that they cannot grow.

The centre also was able to obtain a water tank and a new, energy-efficient wood burning stove thanks to Gift Catalogue donations. Now, children can enjoy warm meals and clean water.   

Throughout it all, Sally’s dedication and commitment shine through, even in the face of challenges. 

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