The true ‘essence’ of Christmas, according to Tanusri

Tanusri is excited to celebrate Christmas with her family of four as well as her entire community, in a small village near our Bangalore sponsor site in India. 

“Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving and sharing with friends and family,” writes the Sisters who run our site. “Christmas is such a festival that people from all religions and faith celebrate worldwide despite it being a Christian festival. It is the essence of this festival that unites the people so much.” 

That ‘essence’ is in the sharing of joy with others. Thanks to your cheerful giving through Chalice’s Christmas fund, Tanusri’s parents received extra funds to use for a gift for their children. Tanusri was thrilled to get a new dress alongside other new clothes for her siblings. 

Tanusri helped her mother make traditional sweets made of maida flour (like a cake flour), jaggery cane sugar, and dal. 

“The family happily shared the sweets and cake with neighbours wishing each other a happy Christmas,” describes the staff. “The family also took part in the Holy Eucharist on the Dec 24th mid-night, after the Mass, cake was served for all the parishioners.” 

“All visited the crib and prayed to the new-born baby Jesus bless all family, friends, all the Chalice staff, sponsors, and their families.”     

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