Sparkling with Christmas Joy in Paraguay

When Christmas comes, it seems that the whole world has a birthday,” writes the staff at our CMAVIL sponsor site in Paraguay. “In every house children and adults prepare the party: some set up a manger with a small child, others also decorate a tree with lights and stars. The streets and houses sparkle with lights and garlands.”  

In the year gone by, “we had sad moments, as well as moments full of joy, which is why we made our Christmas celebration special and meaningful for all families,” the staff write. The Chalice family circles look for ways to share joy together. This year, they decided to do a living nativity scene in the community square, inviting everyone to be a part of it it.  

Children were excited to help make decorations, and mothers and children rehearsed hymns and carols in the evenings leading up to Christmas. When the big day finally came, the children led the decorating team and performed the nativity play beautifully.  

“It was a wonderful experience, since not only the sponsored children participated in the celebration, but also all the families of the community,” described the staff.  

“At the end of the performance, we prayed to the Baby Jesus, asking for a blessing for each of the families and then we distributed sweets and a small sharing among the mothers.” 

As a final closing of the site activities for the year, everyone celebrated Mass together, “where all the family representatives could participate and give thanks for life, health and for the benefits [they’ve] received.”         

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