Sharing the love of God with their whole community

 “Once more Christmas season has motivated Neema site to draw pictures of love and charity to the children of God,” writes Sr Mary-Grace, director of the Tanzanian sponsor site.  

As a part of this years’ Christmas celebration, “we visited those in prison and shared with them the love of Christ” Sr Mary-Grace describes. The staff tapped into Chalice’s Christmas fund to come bearing gifts of gumboots and personal hygiene products, “with the aim of imparting the mercy and love of God to them.”  

“It would help them to look fresh and decent and enable them to walk anywhere with no fear,” she reasoned. “The prisoners were very happy when to receive the gifts and to have visitors over Christmas. We named our gift packages The Bags of Love.”   

Back at the Neema sponsor site, the sponsored children, their parents, and elders from the community sat down for a “sumptuous meal” of rice, meat, vegetables, fruits, and drinks. The staff invited 365 sponsored children and their guardians “to share together in love and unity.”  There were a few older sponsored children who were away at school for the holidays, so in their places, the site invited 20 local elders to share in their feast. Everyone was cheerful and wore their colourful clothes. The children also received “Bags of Love” with special and practical gifts of umbrellas, mosquito nets, and sandals.   

“It was a wonderful Merry Christmas and joyful celebration” writes Sr Mary-Grace.   

“Dear sponsors, we thank you for making this Christmas day a memorable one for the children, families, the elderly, and those in prison.”    

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