Noemi: From Sponsored Child to Future Doctor

Noemi is a woman with big plans: becoming a doctor. 

Noemi, future doctor.

She’s studying integral beauty at school, but her sights are set on medicine. Once she’s accepted to university, she’ll work as a stylist to cover her expenses. 

But her success is the result of many years of struggle.  

Her single mother raised her and her four siblings near our Yapacani site in Bolivia. Times were tough. Her mother oversaw their education, but with the whole family living in just a rented room, there wasn’t much room to grow. 

Then a neighbour told the family about the Chalice sponsorship program. 

At the time, they were in a dire economic state. Noemi’s mother quickly approached Chalice’s local office, and enrolled Noemi in the sponsorship program. Noemi was 11 at the time. 

With the help of her generous sponsor, she finished high school with great grades, before moving on to beauty school. University, and becoming a doctor, is her next target.

“It has been 9 years since Chalice financially supports me with food, school supplies…” Noemi writes.  

“I am very grateful to my sponsor for the huge support that she continues to give me and for supporting me to make my dreams come true.” 

Noemi has become an example for others in her community, and loves sharing her experience with the sponsorship program. 

“Chalice is truly a family of people who help children, youth and the elderly, so I thank God and pray for all those people who make it possible for the project to continue,” she writes.  

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