Rima’s Hearing Loss is No Match For Her Dancing Skills

Rima is one smiley girl! Growing up near our Assam site in India, her parents were thrilled when she, the fourth child in their family, was born.

As time went on, though, it became clear something was off.  

Rima (right) and her sister (left)

Her parents sent her to school for the first time, but noticed she was different from the other children. They ushered her to a doctor, who confirmed she was deaf and incapable of speech. 

Her parents were heartbroken – not because Rima was deaf, but because of the challenges she would face.  

Without the funds to send her to a specialized school, Rima kept attending class, able only to watch her teachers as they spoke.  

But God had a plan. 

In 2014, He blessed her with a generous Chalice sponsor. With her sponsor’s support, Rima began attending a school designed specifically for children with special needs. 

From then on, everything changed. Rima saw newfound success, possible because of her sponsor’s support.

Rima is now in grade six, and has taken up an exciting new hobby: dance. One day, she dreams of becoming a choreographer. Her particular favourite? Dancing in groups. 

“Thank you Chalice for being in my life and leading me to a better future,” she wrote in a recent letter.  

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