Sameera Hears With Help from Chalice Supporters

When sponsored child Sameera was just 10 months old, her parents knew something was off. 

Sameera wearing her hearing aid.

Their daughter, who lives near our Nellor site in India, didn’t respond to their voices or other sounds. They were deeply concerned, and when she was two years old, managed to get her in for a hearing evaluation at a hospital. 

Sameera had hearing loss, in both ears.

Determined to care for their daughter, her parents helped her get surgery a year later, and she was given a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant is an electronic device that picks up sound and stimulates the hearing nerve, allowing people born deaf or hard of hearing to pick up sound.  

Even with the implant, though, Sameera was told she’d have to wear a hearing aid. For many years, it worked, and she was able to attend school. 

Sadly, two years ago, the hearing aid broke, and Sameera’s hearing faltered. COVID-19 hit in India soon after, leaving the family without a source of income, much less money for a new hearing aid. 

That was when her parents turned to Chalice. 

They applied for funding for Sameera’s hearing aids through the critical needs program, a request that was granted.

She’s now received her new hearing aids and is going to school regularly. Her grades are great, and her confidence has grown, helping her make new friends.

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