Full Bellies for Families

Annamary, a sponsored child, lives near our Assam site in India. Her home is on top of a hill, where she lives with her younger sister and brother, and their parents. Her mother has been sick for seven years, while her father is a daily wage labourer.  

In their circumstances, Annamary’s parents often found it challenging to provide for the family.  

COVID-19 flipped the world upside down, and the effects trickled all the way to Annamary. Her father lost his job, and the family went hungry. Other villagers stepped in to provide food, but the family needed more.   

In came Chalice donors.  

“I have no words to thank God for Chalice for providing us our daily food especially during the lockdown,” Annamary writes. 

With donations to Chalice’s gift catalogue, the family purchased food, including rice, sugar, wheat flour, oil and salt. Annamary writes that the donations helped reduce poverty and protected the most vulnerable amid the pandemic.  

In fact, she credits Chalice donors for her family surviving the lockdown at all, writing, “We are very happy and grateful to Chalice for providing us nutrition at the right time.” 

Of course, the food was a huge help to the family. But Chalice donors knew they could do more. Annamary’s family had an unsanitary toilet made of old tin sheets, and the safety tank had no cover.  

Thanks to the generosity of Chalice supporters, the family received a proper toilet through the gift catalogue. 

“We are very thankful to Chalice who helped us so much through the sponsorship program and helping us to improve our daily life,” writes Annamary. 

Check out the 2021 Christmas gift catalogue here, and find out how you can give joy to families around the world!  

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