Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Festive Food’ photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! It’s the time of week we sure our favourite snaps from our sponsor sites around the world. 

Our American neighbours just celebrated Thanksgiving, with delicious food all ‘round! And while we wait for the coming of Christ, there’s no reason we can’t have a sneak peek at some of the delicious eats awaiting us in December. Ukraine has plenty of those, and our top 5 ‘Festive Food’ photos will show you just go good Ukranian treats can be. (Hint: a lot of bread.) 

#5: The Best Bread

YUM! Ukranian bread is sometimes given as a gift when a respected person arrives. If it tastes half as good as it looks, it’d be hard not to feel welcome.  

#4: Gracious Gifts

Easter might be in the spring, but we’re already thinking about it! At our Pochaiv site, some much needed food showed up in baskets, right in time for the resurrection of Christ. Praise God! 

#3: A Side of Veggies

Although not always the most popular item on the dinner table, there’s nothing like a plate of veggies next to some meat and potatoes. Solomiya, from our Ternopil site, is a perfect example of how growing your own food puts a smile on your face. Plus, you can brag to your friends that it came from your own garden!  

#2: Delicious Dessert

Dessert time: the best part of any festive meal! We know we spend much of dinner waiting for dessert, and if what we make looks as good as this treat does, we’ll consider ourselves proud.  

#1:  Food for the Soul

This little girl was feeling down. The Pochaiv site gave her some festive bread – and just look at that smile! Sharing food is guaranteed way to get a smile out of anyone.  

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