Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Most Needed’ photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.  

We’re stuffing the stockings and wrapping up presents under the tree, all while water for hot chocolate boils in the background. The wait for Christmas has begun – but as we wait, we must remember those who do not have all that we do.  

This week is the first in a three-part series of our favourite photos from different sections of the Chalice gift catalogue. Every donation makes a difference, and our top 5 ‘Most Needed’ photos illustrate just that!  

P.S. Our 2021 gift catalogue is here! 

#5: Helping Kids Be Kids

Brandon is eight years old and lives with his parents, Doris and Vitalino, and his two brothers, Wilson and Juan David, in Guatemala. An active and studious boy in grade two, he loves math!  

The family relies on what Vitalino can earn as a fisherman, which isn’t a lot. He and Doris struggle to provide the nutritious food their boys need.  

Thanks to everyone who gave a gift through Chalice’s gift catalogue, Brandon and his family have full cupboards of kid-friendly essentials.  

“Thank you for the support you have given me,” writes Doris. “I thank God that I was able to buy food for the family, which was cereals, beans, eggs, milk, juices, apples, and sugar. 

“Thank you for your valuable generosity for those most in need may the Lord bless and protect them always.” 

#4:  Food for the Hungry 

Sunitha and Pavithra live with their aunt in the community served by our Bangalore sponsor site. Unfortunately, the area was hit hard by COVID-19. Chalice’s sponsor sites in India reported that the cost of essential items, like non-perishable foods, has skyrocketed in recent months.  

But thanks to the generosity of everyone who gave a gift through the Chalice gift catalogue, the families received funds to purchase food! The staff coordinated through phones and apps, and the parents breathed a sigh of relief when the money came.  

Sunitha and Pavithra’s aunt bought enough staple items to help them through the most difficult periods of the pandemic. Thank you, donors!  

#3: Needed Nutrition

Every family needs nutritious food! These women at our Kawambwa site in Zambia received some much-needed food, thanks to the generosity of Chalice donors. 

#2: Fearful Floods 

On top of our work with children, Chalice is proud to support many elders in need around the world. Crescencio lives near our CMAVIL site in Paraguay, in a home built in the 1980s by his nephew. Unfortunately, a nearby river caused flooding in 2017. His house wasn’t severely damaged, but he desperately needed food.  

That’s where Chalice gift catalogue donors stepped up, and Crescencio received a batch of non-perishable food items. He was so grateful! 

#1: Much Needed Celebrations

At our Serenje site in Zambia, this group couldn’t contain their joy after receiving some much-needed groceries! When someone helps you out, it’s hard not to wear a grateful smile. Thanks to our supporters for making a difference! 

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