How Can Special Money Make a Difference?

Chalice donors know sponsorship makes an impact on children every day around the world. But what some might not know is there are other ways to support your sponsored child. Around here, we call it ‘special money.’  

That’s when a sponsor chooses to donate extra money to their sponsored child, elder or family. But does this really help?  

Well, a simple donation of special money was all it took to change Harrison’s life.  

This grade-10 student from our Serenje sponsor site in Zambia lives with his mother, a small-scale farmer, in a house made of mud bricks and held down by building blocks. In the rainy seasons, it leaks.  

Though their home was better than no home at all, it was clear something had to change. So, with the help of his Chalice sponsor and the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, Harrison acted. 

He’d received special money for several years, and began putting it aside for the one thing that would provide his family true security: a new home. 

First, he bought building materials, as he longed for a bigger and better home. Then, with special money received this past year, he purchased cement to begin building. His family has gathered building blocks, and the work to build their dream home has begun! 

“Harrison and the family are very grateful to Chalice for all the help they have received,” site staff write.  

How do you go about giving special money to your sponsored child, family or elder?

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