Photo Friday: Our top 5 Back to School’ photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Kids are stuffing their backpacks, parents are whipping up gourmet lunches, and teachers are dusting off their desks. That’s right…it’s back-to-school time. We’ve been hearing those commercials for a month already, and it’s time to face the music.

Just kidding! Heading back to school is a joyous time for many children, especially at our sponsor sites. Education is key to growing healthy communities and helping kids achieve their dreams.

This week, we’re celebrating education with our top 5 ‘Back to School’ photos! At Chalice, we believe education is the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty. Back-to-school time might seem like torture for some of us, but going to school is a right everyone deserves.

#5: School Uniforms

These girls love jewel tones! They’re wearing their school uniforms near our Bangalore site in India. Did you have a school uniform as a child? Some of us did, and trust us, it was a love-hate relationship.

#4: Studying Hard

These children are from our Jessore site in Bangladesh. In the areas where Chalice works in the country, many children are encouraged to drop out of school early and find work. Many women are also discouraged from pursuing post-secondary education, in favour of running a household. Sponsorship ensures students complete, at minimum, a high school education.

#3: Sporty at School

What’s every kid’s favourite subject? Gym class! (Okay, music and art are pretty cool, too.) Sports are a time-honoured tradition in schools, and these kids know how to play the game.

Sepak Takraw is a beloved Filipino game that resembles a hybrid of volleyball and soccer. The children rally a ball across a net, but only with their feet and heads. This year, the Liceo school team won the district, provincial and national meets. And these three were declared MVPs of northern Samar!

#2:Everyone’s Welcome

At our Nellore site in India, the Sisters work closely with children with disabilities. Schooling isn’t always easy for disabled children, but with the help of sponsorship, they’re able to get into the classroom.

The Vianney Home is a residence for disabled children, those with stigmatized illnesses, and those who have lost one or both parents.

#1: Smile, you’re at school!

If you’ve still got some kids who aren’t sold on school being awesome, show them this guy. His smile reminds us just how awesome it is to go to school! Around the world, many kids don’t get the opportunity to have an education. Sponsorship changes that. Interested in sponsoring?

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