Home is Where the Heart is

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.” – St. Mother Teresa

A simple roof over your head can make any place feel like home, with the knowledge you’re protected from the surrounding winds of the world. But for numerous families, like the ones living near our Samar site in the Philippines, that safety isn’t a reality.

Houses in the area are often made of coconut lumber and woven frond shingles, materials that don’t keep out the regular rain and windstorms. Many families, including sponsored ones, struggle with inadequate space and insufficient finances. A new home isn’t in the cards.

Andrea and Leanard live in a small home made of light materials, and when not in school, love helping their parents around the house. They’re budding fishers, regularly heading out with their dad Joel to catch a few big ones. Their mother Lucia is a strong-willed and jolly woman, with a penchant for helping others, fishing and carpentry.

Donna Belle and Judy Ann also live near the Samar site, and love helping their mom Leonida with the vegetable garden. They rely on their father’s carpentry work and their Chalice sponsors to support the family.

Much like Andrea and Leanard, their house is made of bamboo and frond. They worry their home could be lost one day in a storm.

Though they’ve seen similar struggles, the families are also seeing similar happy endings.

The Samar housing project is run by local site staff, and is supported by generous Chalice donors. This year, staff involved with the project told 10 local families they would receive a new home made of sturdier materials.

That means a home for Andrea, Leanard, Donna Bell and Judy Ann, along with their families.

“Never worry about numbers. Help one at a time, and always start with those nearest you.” – St. Mother Teresa

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