Helping with Hygiene

A 10 p.m. curfew, quarantining and phases for reopening. Sound familiar?

There is hardly anywhere in the world COVID-19 hasn’t touched, and our sites in Chile have been hit hard. In fact, one in 10 families involved with Chalice in the country has had contact with the virus.

Though the pandemic is ongoing, moments of hope continue. Chalice supporters, along with staff at our Santiago site, orchestrated one of them.

Staff found out this year the site would have access to a COVID money fund, and began figuring out how to distribute the money to those in need. In the end, they chose more than 100 children and their families to receive funding.

The next step? Determining the most urgent need. As the pandemic raged on, it became clear hygiene and cleaning products were top of the list. It could allow the families to save money on common items like soap and disinfectants, while helping slow the virus’s spread.

As many families are forced to prioritize food and other household expenses over hygiene products, the extra money was a huge win. They’re so grateful Chalice and its supporters were there to help! They bought products like chlorine, floor cleaner and garbage bags.

“All of the above fills us with great joy, because we feel that each action has been guided by God’s Hand and that every time we pray and ask for our families, the Lord listens to us and sends us all his support through you,” write the staff.

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