Celebrating Christmas with prayer, food, and fun

The children of St. Mary’s School for the Visually Impaired are gathered in their assembly hall, squirming with anticipation. Their teacher tells them it’s time, and they burst into song. To the tune of Frere Jacques, they sing “Father Christmas, Father Christmas, where are you?” When they get to the words “Ring your bell, ring your bell,” Santa’s bell clangs as he enters the room, an older student dressed in costume. When the song ends, he addresses the crowd, “I wish you a Merry Christmas!”.

“Amen!” they reply.

“I wish that all your dreams come true.”


As the choir breaks into We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Santa and his helper distribute treats to all the children.

The Christmas celebration is a special time for children and staff. Children live far away from home to study at the specialized school in Kawambwa, Zambia, and the Sisters, teachers, and classmates become their family. The celebration is a time of prayerful thanksgiving, singing, and of course, a feast!

“Singing is a beautiful way to honour the Saviour, the infant of Bethlehem,” writes Sr. Agnes, the site director. Their celebration last year also included tree-planting and distributing practical gifts to all the children.

This cherished time of prayer and merriment was possible because of your generous support of the Christmas fund, which ensures every sponsored child gets to have a celebration and gift.

Even though the children are unable to gather this year, your contribution to the Christmas fund will ensure that each family will be able to have their own celebration at home, and parents and guardians are able to purchase a gift for their children.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed positively to make the site Christmas celebrations,” writes Sr. Agnes. “You helped us feel loved.”

Your donation to the Christmas fund will ensure every child can share in the joy this holiday season.