Photo Friday: Our top 5 “child sponsorship” photos

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Today is World Children’s Day, a day held especially close to our hearts. This is a special time to promote international awareness for children’s rights worldwide. Together, let us strive to provide safety, comfort, health, and education for each of God’s children, no matter what circumstances they were born into.

This week, we’re sharing our top 5 “child sponsorship” photos! Child sponsorship is at the core of our work; over the years, we’ve been blessed to witness thousands of children benefit immensely from the loving support of their kind Canadian sponsors. On this special day for children, we’re sharing this collection to show our appreciation for the true, lasting impact that our supporters make in the lives of precious children in need.

#5: Blessings blossoms at school

Blessings was born blind. Her parents, unfortunately, didn’t have the means or knowledge to look after her. Since Blessings couldn’t be left to wander and was unable to attend local daycare or school, her parents would lock her in a room when they would leave the house. Her motor skills became delayed, and she relied on others for walking and eating.

When Blessings was sponsored, she was able to attend a specialized boarding school for blind children. With a lot of support from Sisters, staff, and other children in a loving environment, she has blossomed! She’s now one of the best in mobility, and can read and write in braille. She loves to sing and recite poems, and her teachers sing her praises for being reliable and kind.

#4: Joshua’s gift of nutrition

Little Joshua lives with his parents and twin siblings near our Luis Amigo site in Guatemala. His dad, Hector, works driving a motorcycle taxi, while his mom, Paulina, raises the children. When Joshua was chosen by a Chalice sponsor, his entire family was incredibly relieved. They were able to afford essentials such as clothing, food, and school supplies for the children.

When Joshua was in grade two, he was having trouble gaining weight. In addition to the support of his loving sponsor, he received the gift of nutritional supplements through our gift catalogue. “The benefit of the child was reflected in the joy in his eyes,” says the site director.

#3: Varistha’s newfound confidence

Varistha lives with her mother, Swetha, in the community of Nellore, India. Varistha used to have very little mobility, and could hardly sit up by herself. With the help of her sponsor and some special money, Swetha has been able to access some specialized treatments, and learned to do some home physio exercises to keep her daughter progressing. Varistha can now hold herself up with confidence, and can walk a few steps with her mom’s help!

#2: Joseph and Benjamin’s hopeful new life

Joseph and Benjamin are brothers from a small village near our Mercy Care site in Kenya. When they were very young, their mother sadly passed away. After her death, the boys went to live with their grandmother, but soon after, she too passed. Without anyone to take care of them, they missed school, became hungry, and quickly deteriorated.

Nearby Chalice staff and families checked up on the boys frequently, but they needed full-time care. After thoughtful consideration, the Sisters at our site enrolled the boys for Chalice sponsorship and sent them live at the Grandsons of Abraham Education Center, an orphanage offering wonderful care and education to children in need.

Today, Benjamin is in grade five, and Joseph is in grade two. The brothers are thriving and are once again filled with happiness, thanks to the kindness of their sponsors and the care of the Sisters and the surrounding community.

#1: Nastya finds her voice

Nastya, from our Ternopil site in Ukraine, was born with numerous health issues. She suffers from poor hearing, underwent surgeries for a cleft palate, and grew up in frail health. Her family tried their best to support her, but struggled to afford her medical bills with their low income.

When Nastya was sponsored, her family could finally afford to give her adequate medical care. Despite her health problems, Nastya is a positive and talented girl, and is a beautiful singer who performs in concerts. “Her family believes that the girl reached success in school and singing owing to the prayers and support of her sponsors and their family,” says the site director.

We extend our deepest gratitude towards those who make a difference in the lives of children in need through the gift of sponsorship. Follow Chalice on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates from our sponsor sites, impact stories, and more!