A closer look: Pochaiv site, Ukraine

We’re going on mission! From July 6-20th, 2020, we will be travelling with a team of Canadian volunteers to our Pochaiv site in Ukraine. This incredible mission of love, well being, and prosperity will allow volunteers to serve and support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, all while learning about Ukrainian culture and customs. Let’s take a closer look at our Pochaiv site and all of the ways mission volunteers can get involved.

Our work in Ukraine

Chalice has been serving families in Ukraine since 1998. Our local partners tell us that Chalice is one of few international charities in their region, because the central government makes charitable work difficult with complex taxation laws. Ballooning inflation has dramatically increased the costs of necessities such as food and heating. Coupled with high rates of unemployment or under-salaried work, parents have difficulty providing for their families. In the areas where we work, there are high rates of chronic illness and cognitive disabilities such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Low-income families have little access to quality medical services because public hospitals are underfunded and ill-equipped.

Our Pochaiv site

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on education, health, nutrition, and financial empowerment. Our Pochaiv site supports 1960 children living with their families in either small factory apartments or rural homes with small farms. This site works closely with families to develop agricultural skills for their farms. Through other programs such as our gift catalogue, the site also supports orphanages and many schools in the area. Through mission trips, we’re able to offer even further support to children and families in need.


Food costs are high in Ukraine, especially in rural communities. Families in the sponsorship program have the ability to purchase some extra food for their children, but many families still need support. Our site offers workshops on healthy eating and cooking so that parents can cook quality meals!

On our upcoming mission trip, volunteers will be able to support families in learning how to grow all-season vegetables such as green onion, radish, parsley, and basil to sell in local markets to increase their income and improve their meals.

There will also be workshops held on lunch preparation and Ukrainian cooking at a local school. Volunteers will be able to join mothers of sponsored children to prepare lunches under the guidance of the school cafeteria chefs.


In Ukraine, many schools are underfunded by the government. Parents do their best to support schools, but it’s still not enough for required renovations and school supplies. Our Pochaiv site works to ensure that each child completes their education. Thanks to sponsorship, parents are able to afford school supplies and clothing for their children, while programs such as our gift catalogue provide renovations and furniture for schools in need.

Volunteers on our upcoming trip will have the opportunity to get involved in a summer school program for student government leaders! Students from grade eight to 10 will learn about avoiding addictions, healthy lifestyles, first aid training, motivation, study tips, financial training, and resume and job interview preparation.


Like at most of our sites, parents and guardians from our Pochaiv site are organized into family circles, supported by a Chalice field worker. Members work on sponsorship budgets, small business ideas, and support each other in new initiatives.

On our upcoming trip, volunteers will be able to support community leaders in order to enhance their skills as social workers, administrators and directors. Training workshops for site staff and community leaders will include information on administration, managing and supervising staff, reporting, managing workload, and more!

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