Five-year-old girl healthy after heart surgery

When Harichandana was born five years ago, doctors immediately noticed something unusual with her heart. They diagnosed her with a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), a hole between the heart’s lower chambers. Her parents were heartbroken. Their newborn baby was referred to a children’s hospital in Nellore, India, for a rigorous round of tests. Having studied the case thoroughly, doctors recommended to wait for surgery as Harichandana was still too small to undergo an operation. The family decided to forgo the surgery and take their daughter for health checkups every year on a regular basis.

Weeks rolled into months, and months into years. Suddenly, on September 25, 2019, Harichandana suffered from severe breathlessness and a terrible cough. She was rushed to the hospital, and doctors advised Harichandana’s parents to prepare her for an immediate open heart surgery. Unfortunately, the family was barely making ends meet on their income of $55 CAD a month. They couldn’t afford the hefty cost of the surgery, adding up to nearly $4700 CAD.

With Harichandana’s condition deteriorating day by day, her parents grew desperate. With no other way to fund the operation, they began searching for a donor to cover the cost. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our Nellore site launched a critical needs fund for $4646 CAD to pay for Harichandana’s emergency open heart surgery. The loving response from our donors allowed us to raise the funds quickly. Harichandana underwent surgery on October 27, 2019, just one month after her condition began to decline.

The operation was a great success. Harichandana had to spend 10 days at the hospital after her surgery, and was then released to her parents. She’s had two follow-up appointments, and doctors assure that she’s in great health. Now, she’s able to enjoy everything that other kids her age do, like running and playing!

Harichandana’s parents are incredibly thankful for giving their daughter a new life. They are touched by the amazing support and care given to their little girl, and appreciate the quick action and compassion in restoring the health of their beloved daughter.