A thoughtful gift helps Caroline succeed in school

Even seemingly minor health issues can stand between a child receiving the most out of their education. Caroline, a sponsored teen from Nakuru, Kenya, lives with her mom and two siblings. Three years ago, Caroline started having issues with her eyesight. Her eyes suddenly became intolerant to bright lights, leading to discomfort in class and while studying. Her aching, red eyes would often trigger severe headaches.

Caroline was given painkillers for some time, but the irritation and headaches became too much to bear. Looking for answers, her mother took her to the hospital. Doctors discovered that Caroline’s brain was unable to adjust to various levels of brightness, causing light sensitivity.

As a single mother with three children in her care, Caroline’s mother was quickly overwhelmed by Caroline’s high medical bills. Caroline’s loving sponsors went out of their way to make sure that her medical bills were settled and that she was comfortable in school. They purchased her a special set of light sensitivity glasses, which shields her eyes from brightness and irritation!

Thanks to treatment and her light sensitivity glasses, Caroline is recovering and is able to study comfortably during the day and even at night with the lights on. Currently, Caroline is pursuing a degree in percussion instruments at Kenyatta University! During holidays, she takes joy in volunteering at a hospital near their home.

“Thank you for assisting Caroline and salvaging her studies,” says Sr. Jane, our Starehe Girls’ site director. “You are her strong pillar that she continues to lean on!”

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