Scolastica’s sponsor encourages her to shine


When Scolastica’s mother passed away, she and her sister’s life changed forever. The two sisters from Nanyuki, Kenya, had to leave their lives behind and move in with their uncle, who offered to adopt the girls into his family. Scolastica’s uncle has a wife and children of his own, and works as a casual laborer to make ends meet. The family doesn’t own land and lives in a rented house, and the financial burden of two extra children caused them to quickly fall behind.

Scolastica as an elementary school student

One day, Scholastica’s uncle shared his concerns with one of her teachers, who referred him to our Baraka site in Kenya. In 2009, at the age of nine, Scolastica was enrolled in our sponsorship program. When she was chosen by a sponsor, she was so excited! Sponsorship helped cover her school fees and supplies, and greatly eased the financial pressure on her uncle. She was able to complete her education at a wonderful school.

Upon graduation, she decided to pursue a post-secondary degree. Her sponsor encouraged and supported her throughout her program, and Scolastica proudly graduated and entered the workforce as a Community Health Worker!

Today, Scolastica works at a local not-for-profit health center, She treats patients of all ages, offering preventative care, checkups, and pre and post-natal care for mothers and babies. She truly loves giving back to her community!

“Scolastica wholeheartedly thanks all of the wonderful people who assisted her up to this point,” smiles Fr. Martin, our Baraka site director.

We offer our sincere thanks and blessings to all of our sponsors who help children like Scolastica break barriers to education and pursue their dreams. Thanks to you, we’re currently supporting over 51,000 children. May God abundantly bless all of our sponsors that selflessly choose to support a child in need!

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