Beds keep kids cozy in Ternopil, Ukraine

In Ukraine, beds remain one of the most frequently requested items from our gift catalogue. The majority of the families at our sites in Ukraine are large, and often times their homes are small. Children share beds with siblings and parents, with often up to four people sharing one small bed.

Over the years, we’ve used generous donations through our gift catalogue to replace broken beds with new ones, or provide bunk beds to siblings so that children could sleep in their own beds. Sofa beds are also a popular choice, as many families have limited living space- sofa beds can be used as a sitting couch during the day, and a bed at night.

Recently, 13 more families of sponsored children from our Ternopil site have received the gift of a new bed, sofa bed or bunk bed through our gift catalogue!

Inna is one of nine children in her family. The entire family resides in just two small rooms in their grandmother’s house. The only furniture they have are beds, and they were old, worn, and uncomfortable. The gift of a bunk bed made it possible for Inna and her sister Vikrotiya to sleep in a bed of their very own! Inna also suffers from mild scoliosis, so the mattress is orthopedic and will help prevent issues as she grows. Inna enjoys sleeping in her bed, and feels very thankful for the gift.

Silviya and Mariya, sponsored children from another nearby family, also received new mattresses for their family. Mariya is a talented vocalist, and her posture was suffering as a result of her worn out mattress. Each child has received a new mattress, allowing them to grow without pain and issues.

“As I visit with the sponsored children in the area for annual meetings, I can see the children’s bright and excited eyes of gratitude for the gifts they receive from the catalogue,” says Luba, our Ternopil site director.

We offer our gratitude for everyone who made it possible for these growing children to receive the comforting gift of beds for their homes.

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