Sponsored child from Samar becomes a Chalice field worker

Born in a small village where most people have not experienced many luxuries in life, Shane desperately wanted to have an opportunity for better life in the future. Her father worked as security guard and her mother worked in health care, but they didn’t make very much money.

Because of their poverty, her father would have to leave the family behind for long stretches of time for work. Shane spent a lot of time in the care of her mother. With six children in the family, Shane’s mother did her best to be a good role model for her children. She encouraged them to be responsible and ambitious, and instilled in them a desire for education and success.

Even though Shane faced her fair share of obstacles and difficulties, she was never overwhelmed. She entrusted herself to God, and focused on the future. When Shane was in grade four, she was blessed to be chosen by a Chalice sponsor. Sponsorship motivated Shane to excel in her studies, and helped her mother provide for the family.

Shane was a consistent honours student throughout her education, and represented her school in various contests such as quizzes and spelling bees. After graduation, she was fortunate to be able to continue her studies, and earned a Bachelor in Science in Development and Communication.

After graduating from university, she was chosen as one of two students to apply to work at our Chalice site in Tondo, Manila! At first, she was overwhelmed by the new environment, but was able to learn and grow by sharing her experiences and gifts with sponsored children and her families.

Shane proved to be a great fit at our Tondo site, and won a scholarship to study social work! She attends classes on the weekends, and works as a Chalice field worker and community organizer during the week. Her scope of work includes organizing and facilitating Chalice Family Circle meetings, providing information and guidance to sponsored children and their families, home visits, and various other tasks related to sponsorship. “I’ve heard that Shane performs her tasks effortlessly and cheerfully,” says Maricel, our Samar site director.

“She is concrete proof of how sponsorship works significantly in the lives of the poor and deserving children of our Samar site,” Maricel beams. Shane gives her heartfelt thanks to her many heroes, including her parents, her sponsor, and our site directors.

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