“The Reading Kite” inspires children in Chiclayo

In Chiclayo, Peru, some children and their families live in remote, outlying shanty towns. These small towns don’t have the same resources that more populated areas might have, and often times, schools are under stocked. Children’s books are especially rare.

Every child should have the right to read. Thanks to the support from donors through our Gift Catalogue, our Chiclayo site started a program that allows children in remote areas to read, learn, and grow.

“The Reading Kite” is a program that hosts a travelling collection of over 300 quality children’s books. Each book was chosen carefully to promote important themes such as values, morals, self-esteem, achieving your dreams, respect for all people, and children’s rights.

The program is coordinated by a combination of university student volunteers and Chalice site staff. The books are brought into a classroom or community center on a rotating basis, allowing many children to experience the joy of reading.

When “The Reading Kite” visits a group, the children are first taught how to respect and care for the books. A teacher, parent, or volunteer then reads out loud to the group. Children can then borrow a book and have free time to colour, read, and socialize.

Families are encouraged to read the books together with their children. This creates a wonderful opportunity for bonding, and greatly improves children’s reading comprehension.

“It’s important for children to have a space where they can read, imagine, create and study,” says Gladys Fernández, our Chiclayo site director. “The program continues to be an experience filled with entertainment as well as learning for many children and their families.”

“The Reading Kite” benefits more than just our sponsored children. Anyone in need can access it, and it is permanently available for to our entire Chiclayo site and surrounding community to use.

“We deeply appreciate the constant support we receive to be able to keep offering this program to our children and their families,” says Gladys.

You can give the gift of books to another community or school in need through our gift catalogue.

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