Solar panels bring water and joy to Saidia

Saidia Children’s Home, located in Kenya, is an oasis for children in need. Orphaned children without any family to care for them are sent to start new lives at the home. There’s also room for children from impoverished families whose parents can no longer support them. Kids at the home receive healthy food, formal education, proper health care, and most importantly, love.

The social workers and staff at the home care deeply for the children, and want to provide the best care possible. The Children’s Home, however, lacked one very important feature; there were no shower facilities for the 55 resident children to use.

Without a proper washing area, children were prone to upper respiratory infections and skin irritation. Since the home is located in a rural area, it’s incredibly difficult to set up complex electrical or plumbing systems. Staff thought tirelessly of a work-around.

Eventually, a brilliant idea appeared. A hot water system fueled by solar panels would be the perfect solution!

Our generous supporters provided solar panels through our Gift Catalogue, and the home management team got to work. First, they installed the solar panels on the roof of the home in a bright, sunny area. Next, they assembled two 300 liter capacity tanks and hooked up all of the plumbing.

When the showers were turned on for the first time, all of the children cheered for joy. Many ran under the warm, clean water fully clothed, laughing together with their friends. It was truly a joyous day!

The home cares for children anywhere between the ages of 8 months old and 18 years old. The shower is a huge benefit for children of all ages, and makes caring for younger children a lot easier on staff. “The showers have gone a long way in reducing infections and skin diseases,” says Eva Muhahala, our Saidia site director. “The children are also much cleaner!”

You can provide solar panels or sustainable water solutions to another school or orphanage in need through our gift catalogue.

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