Serhiy: from sponsored child to songwriter

Serhiy was just 11 years old when he became an orphan. After their parent’s deaths, Serhiy and his brother were adopted by their grandparents, who brought them into their home with loving arms. They tried their best to care for the boys, but hardship and poverty made it difficult.

Serhiy was a shy, intelligent and quiet boy. In 2006, Serhiy was accepted into our sponsorship program. Someone saw Serhiy’s potential, and chose to sponsor him. With love and support, Serhiy began to come out of his shell. He discovered a deep love for music, and began practicing the piano at school.
Serhiy, driven by his passion, decided he would take a leap of faith and study to become a professional musician. He studied diligently at his music school, and practiced every single day. During all of these years, his incredibly supportive sponsor encouraged and inspired Serhiy through letters. He wrote Serhiy frequently, and told him that he could accomplish anything he put his mind to.

Today, Serhiy is a keyboardist in famous Ukrainian band. “Okean Elzy” tours across the Ukraine, and even sometimes travels abroad. Serhiy gets the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other talented musicians, all while doing what he loves. Serhiy doesn’t just play in the band- he is also the composer of many of their songs.


Serhiy has grown from a shy boy to a confident young man now living his dream. He never would have been able to pursue music without the motivation he received from his Chalice sponsor. Having someone support and believe in him truly pushed him to pursue and develop his talent.

Like Serhiy, there are many children waiting for the chance to shine- they just need someone to reach out and recognize their potential. If you’re interested in making a difference in a child’s life, become a sponsor today.

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