Privacy Policy

At Chalice we respect and protect your privacy. This means that:

  • With your consent, we will gather only the minimum personal information necessary to provide you with current information about our mission and activities, and to provide you with fast, reliable processes if you support Chalice
  • We will not sell, exchange, loan or make available to other companies any personal information that you have provided to us.
  • We will keep all personal information confidential, and we will have safeguards to protect that information whether it is in print, electronic or other form
  • We will make available to you, upon request, your personal information that we have on file, and we will correct, amend or delete information at your request
  • In the unfortunate event of a security breach we will take steps to contain and minimize the impact of the breach. To the extent required by law or best practices, we will notify you and the necessary third parties, and submit the appropriate reports to the Privacy Commissioner.

Personal information

In order to serve our supporters with the right materials at the right levels, delivered to the right address, and to ensure that the financial relationship is correct and current, Chalice needs to have certain basic personal information on file.

 Personal information is the information we have that relates to you, our supporter, as an individual. Personal information, beyond your name and contact information may include any or all of the following: a record of your support and payment method, alternate contact information and your account number.

We will only request information from you that relates directly to the products or services we are providing to you, and we will keep that information active only as long as the uses for which it has been collected are relevant to your needs.

Valid Consent

Chalice must obtain the valid consent of anyone whose name may be retained in our records to receive products or information. If a supporter sends in a coupon or a form requesting our services, we accept that as implied consent. If we need information beyond that which the supporter has indicated (in conducting a survey, for instance), we will request the explicit consent of the supporter either verbally or in writing.

The supporter can at any time withdraw consent to receive further information or products. We will then remove the supporter’s name as quickly as possible.

From time to time we may acquire from outside companies lists of supporters who have consented to receive information. It may sometimes occur that a name that we have deleted on request from our files may appear on one of the lists we have acquired. In such a case the supporter may request another deletion.

Call monitoring and recording

In order to ensure a high level of supporter service, our supporter service calls may be monitored for training purposes only. We may do this to ensure the highest level of service to our supporters and to enable our staff to improve their skills through practical mentoring and coaching.

Employee commitment

Our employees and volunteers are committed to respecting the personal information we hold in our files. They have signed an obligation to abide by the company policy relating to the proper use of personal information.

Third party commitment

From time to time we may send information to third parties such as printers or mailing houses. These companies are required to sign a commitment to respect our privacy policy and to utilize the lists only for the purposes we specify and not make any copies of the files.

Limitations on use

We will not use your personal information for any purposes, other than those outlined above, unless we have asked your permission and have received your consent.

We will remove or destroy personal information when it is no longer relevant for the uses for which it was gathered. We will delete your name from our mailing list following the receipt of your request by letter, fax, email or phone.

Retention of information

We will not retain personal information indefinitely. Generally a name is retained for two years after it has become inactive. Files are then destroyed or deleted, except for financial and other records, which, in accordance with the law or best practices, have to be archived for longer periods. Archived information is not accessed or used for operational or marketing purposes.


All information held by us is subject to strict internal security to prevent unauthorized access and improper usage. Electronic records are subject to limited access by authorized personnel who must use passwords and other security measures. Print records of personal information are subject to physical protection such as locked rooms or cabinets, accessible only to authorized personnel.

Our site contains links to other sites. Chalice is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of these linked websites.

Access to information

 As our supporter, you have a right to know what information we are holding with respect to you, and you have the right to ensure that it is accurate. On request, we will arrange to supply you with a printout of our files relating to your information. If you wish to verify your information, please write to Chalice Privacy Officer, Suite 101, 26 Union Street, Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 2B5 or call 1-902-252-3911 or 1-800-776-6855. If you find errors or omissions, we will be pleased to make corrections.


When you visit our website, we take steps to respect and protect your privacy.

A cookie is information about how and when you use a site that a web server creates when you visit. This data is placed on your computer hard drive in the form of a small text file. There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are used only for the time you stay on the website. When you leave the site, they expire and are no longer active. Persistent cookies are more permanent and can be re-read when you return to the site. We use persistent cookies only to identify previous visits so that you may be directed to the part of our website in which you are interested. We do not use cookies to retrieve data from your hard drive or to obtain your e-mail address or other personal information.

You may choose not to accept cookies by setting your browser options to inform you when cookies are being sent, or to deny cookies altogether. Please note, however, that by not accepting cookies you may limit the functionality that we can provide to you when you visit our website.

To help us serve you better, we automatically collect generic, non-personal information about visits to our website. We do not collect personal information such as names, ages, phone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses from visitors to our website. We do not collect individual profile information for visitors across multiple sites and do not aggregate information from any other sources about browsing patterns of individual visitors across multiple sites.

We do collect selected visitor information such as IP addresses, return visits from past guests, referring pages, pages visited and time spent on the website. We collect such non-personally identifiable information in order to: obtain statistical analysis of web page traffic patterns for our website, administer our website and servers, allow for auditing of our services by third parties, and to improve our services. We collect data in aggregate form, and data is not recorded or stored about individual visitors.

Questions or comments

We will do our best to resolve any questions or comments you may have. Please write Chalice Privacy Officer, Suite 101, 26 Union Street, Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 2B5 or call 1-902-252-3911 or 1-800-776-6855., or email and indicate your concern as related to privacy so it may be directed to the privacy officer.

If, having shared your concerns with us, you are still not satisfied, you may file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada by telephone at 1-800-282-1376, or by mail at 30 Victoria Street, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 1H3.


The personal information that you share with Chalice will be utilized only to manage our mission and work to provide donors with opportunities to help children and to communicate about our work. It will not be sold, exchanged or rented to any other organization or company.

To make this notice easily accessible, we will make it available on our home page and at every point throughout our website that requires the entry of personal information.

No personal data will be collected for browsing the Chalice website; however, these particulars will be required to access certain pages such as sponsorship of a child, making donations or requesting further information. In these cases, for example, donors will be asked to submit their name, address or other contact information.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is any information that can be used to distinguish, identify, or contact a specific individual. This may include an individual’s opinion or belief, as well as facts about, or related to the individual whether recorded or not.

Exception: Where an individual uses his/her home contact information as business contact information as well, we consider that the contact information provided is a business contact and is therefore, not subject to protection as personal information.


Senior Managers shall report infractions of this policy in a timely fashion to the President and / or the Management Committee of the Board. This includes reporting on the status of pending, ongoing and completed investigations and remedial actions

Sponsorship FAQs

Can I contact my sponsored child through social media?
The advancement of social media has created opportunities for people to network across the globe. However we discourage Chalice sponsors from trying to contact their sponsor child due to the fact that we want to ensure the safety and privacy of the child and the sponsor.
Can I share my involvement with Chalice through my personal website or my organization's website?
Yes, if you need any more information to place on your website or an organization's website please contact Chalice: 1-800-776-6855 or email
I am not ready to sponsor? How else can I help?
There are many ways that a person can contribute through Chalice. We have other programs within Chalice that address the needs of the poor. These are some of the few programs: Nutrition Fund, Community Projects, Urgency Fund, Critical Needs, Gift Catalogue, eRoots, Mission trips, Host a dinner and eVena Prayer.
Are all the children in the program Catholic?
No, Chalice is rooted in Catholic social teachings that affirm the sacredness of life, and the dignity of all people, regardless of colour, nationality or creed.
Can I give the gift of sponsorship to a friend or in someone's memory?
If you wish to give the sponsorship as a gift, or to sponsor a child in memory of a loved one, please send all details regarding the name and address of the recipient to Chalice. A child folder and card will be sent to them in your name. The official tax receipt will be issued to you.
How do I change my personal information?
In order to make any changes to your personal information (address, banking or credit card information) please contact Chalice.1-800-776-6855 or email
Can other organizations access my or my sponsor child's personal information?
No, Chalice respects the privacy of its supporters. We keep all information on our supporters (and sponsor children) in a very secure system and do not release names or other information to other organizations.
Who is in control of the distribution of funds being sent and how do I know they are being sent to my sponsor child?
Chalice is in control of distributing funds. The distribution of funds is mandated by CRA (Canada Revenue agency) regulations. We are audited by an external auditor and internal auditor. All the funds that are sent to the sites are audited on a quarterly basis.
After my sponsor child leaves the program, am I able to continue sending funds or keep in touch?
In many cases when a child leaves the sponsorship program, they move from the area, making it impossible for the sponsor site staff to keep in contact. Due to the number of children in the sponsorship program or in need of sponsorship, it is not feasible to keep records on those that have left the program. It is also the hope that the sponsor will form a bond with a new child, giving them the same opportunity to maximize their potential.
What will happen to my sponsor child after they leave the program?
When a sponsor child leaves the Chalice sponsorship program, they are no longer able to receive the benefits that sponsorship provides. There are several reasons as to why a child may leave the sponsorship program. Many families migrate in search of employment; the child's family may no longer require assistance or the child has completed his/her education and has entered the workforce.
Can a child have multiple sponsors?
Each child has only one sponsor. However, this sponsor may be a group of individuals or a single person.
Can I send extra money to help my sponsor child?
Some Chalice sponsors like to give extra donations for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. If you wish to do so, please send monetary donations to our Chalice office in Bedford, NS or give us a call to arrange an automatic debit or credit card payment. Cash should never be sent through the mail and our Sites are unable to process Canadian cheques or money orders – any funds sent directly will be returned to the Canadian office. Birthday donations should be sent at least two months in advance. Birthdays are reported on the Child Folder as Month/Day/Year. All Christmas donations are pooled together and divided equally among all Sponsor Sites to ensure every child receives a gift at Christmas.
If my sponsor child or a member of their family is ill, are there ways to offer financial support?
If you become aware of any special needs for your child or their family, please contact your sponsor representative who will contact the site on your behalf to get more information on how you can best help. It may be possible for you to send extra support in the form of a Special Gift.
Can I sponsor a sibling?
Sponsoring a sibling will depend on the site of your sponsor child and their family. Each sponsor site has their own policies and guidelines around sponsoring siblings to ensure that sponsorship has the greatest impact possible in each community. To ascertain the policy at your sponsor child's site, please contact your sponsor representative.
Can I adopt my sponsor child?
There are many laws in Canada and in that of your sponsor child that govern all international adoption procedures. Many agencies are also involved which have their own guidelines. Finally the child's legal guardians must be considered. For these reasons, Chalice does not facilitate sponsors adopting their sponsor child. It is our desire that the children we help become happy, productive citizens of their own country. Our goal is that the children use their talents and training to help themselves, their families and their communities.
Can my sponsor child visit me?
It is important to realize that a child coming from their environment into your environment is overwhelming and is not an ideal situation; therefore it is not recommended nor facilitated by Chalice.
Can I visit my sponsor child?
Yes, you are welcome to visit your child. Please contact your sponsor representative with your initial inquiry. You will be provided with the information you need to make the necessary arrangements.

The following documents are required from each person wishing to visit:

1. Signed Personal Information and Emergency Contact form
2. Signed Informed Consent
3. Signed Release of All Claims Against Chalice
4. Copy of valid Passport (some countries require it to be valid a certain length of time after leaving)
5. Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search
6. Copy or details of travel itinerary, indicating days of Site visit
7. Proof of Travel Medical Insurance with worldwide coverage

Please remember that your Chalice sponsor child may live in conditions that you may find difficult. Some useful information concerning what to wear, eat, drink, etc., is very helpful before visiting. Please call 1-800-776-6855, ext. 811 for more information.
Can I write or e-mail my sponsor child?
Internet access at Chalice sites may vary. If you wish to email a letter to your child, please direct it to your sponsor representative who will forward it to the site for you.

Since many of our sites are located in regions without regular postal service you must send your letter or card to the Bedford office. It will be translated and given to your sponsor friend. Feel free to include items that are lightweight and not bulky, such as pictures of you or family, ribbons, scenic postcards, maps, bookmarks, stickers, yarn or hair ribbons. Include your children or grandchildren by having them write a short letter or draw a picture!

As space and weight are factors, we cannot forward items other than greeting cards, photos or letters. Whenever you mail cards, letters, photos, postcards, etc., please put your Child Code and/or Supporter ID number clearly on your correspondence.
How often will my sponsor child write to me?
Each year you will receive an update on your Chalice sponsor child, which will include a new photo, a letter from your sponsor child and a status report from a Field Worker. You will also receive a Christmas card along with a sponsor site update from the Site Director. If your sponsor child (or aged) is unable to write, their letter to you may be written by a relative or field worker.
Do I have to speak the same language as my sponsor child?
No. All communication from sponsors is translated at the Site, into the local language. The information you receive from your sponsor child will always be sent to you with an English translation. If you have any concerns about the content of something you receive from your child, please contact your Sponsor Representative.
What are the options for communicating with my sponsor child?
Writing to your Chalice sponsor friend can be a rewarding experience. Letters from sponsors are treasured gifts and help the beneficiaries of sponsorship feel connected to their sponsor.

Tips on Writing to your Sponsor Friend

When Writing:
  • Ensure your sponsor friend’s name and Code is clearly visible.
  • Be short and simple. All letters need to be translated.
  • Be personal. Write about your family, children, pets etc.
  • Sponsor children/aged is very grateful and happy when they receive photos of their sponsors.
  • You are also able to send photos of yourself and/or your family. Sponsor children/aged are very grateful and happy when they receive photos of their sponsors.
  • Be humble. Do not mention trips, purchases, or other events that are costly and beyond the reach of your friend.
  • Send your correspondence to the Chalice Bedford office, with your own return address, and include the child code on your letter. The letter should not contain contact information such as your address, phone number or email address. We will shred the outer envelope that your letter arrives in to ensure your privacy and mail the correspondence to your child with our regular packages to the sites.
  • Be patient! It can take up to 6 months to receive a response to your letter due to the administrative process and delivery complications.
Can I choose the country, age, sex of the child I will sponsor?
Yes! Chalice works in 15 developing countries. If you would like to sponsor a child from a specific country you may check the sponsorship page on our website or contact us at 1-800-776-6855 or
When I begin to sponsor, what information will I receive about my sponsor child?
You will receive a child folder which includes your sponsor child’s (or aged’s) picture and story. There will also be some information about the country and the sponsor site where your Chalice sponsor child lives and a welcome letter from your Sponsor Representative. You will also receive an introductory letter from your new sponsor friend.
How long does a sponsorship last?
The duration of a Chalice sponsorship is dependent on how long you wish to sponsor. Sponsorships work best as a long-term relationship between you and your sponsor child or aged. There are circumstances where many families migrate in search of employment; the child's family may no longer require assistance or the child has completed his/her education and has entered the workforce.
What happens if I miss a payment?
If you miss a payment please contact our Donor Relations office to make arrangements. 1-800-776-6855, ext. 520 or email
Are you a registered charity/will I get an official tax receipt?
Yes, Chalice is a registered charity in Canada under the Income Tax Act. Our CRA Registration Number is 13759 1012 RR0001. Income tax receipts are issued each February for donations processed in the previous year.
How much is my sponsorship and how do I make contributions?
The cost of a Chalice sponsorship is $42 monthly for a total of $504 annually. Contributions can be made via cheque, postdated cheques or pre-authorized payments from your bank account or credit card.
What are the first steps to take in sponsoring a child?
To begin sponsoring a child, you may choose to do so via /, or you can contact our office via e-mail: or phone: 1-800-267-2923. Our team will be happy to assist you further in the process of sponsoring a child.
What does a sponsorship provide?
Chalice sponsorship focuses on nurturing the special relationship between a sponsor and their sponsored friend. Chalice recognizes that when given the support and encouragement, caregivers will make good decisions that benefit their family. They will set their children up for success by making sure they go to school, eat nutritious meals, and receive proper medical care. We also know that the best people to decide what a community needs to thrive are those who live there.

Chalice uses a direct family funding model to dispense sponsorship funds. Each parent or guardian opens a bank account and receives training in basic financial literacy to help them manage their child's sponsorship funds. It is mandatory for parents to join a family group which helps members manage their funds. Each family group is made up of 20 parents or guardians who gather each month to submit a budget for what they need and at the next meeting, receipts are submitted to ensure the money was spent where it was intended. The members of our family groups are accountable to one another and support each other on their common social issues and problems.

The goal of direct family funding is to encourage self-reliance while generating greater participation of parents in their children's education. Parents learn to be leaders in their community and advocate for the needs of their children. Group members also contribute a small amount to group savings, which is distributed as a loan for education or income generation projects.
How is Chalice different?
Chalice is a ministry of the Catholic Community, creating and nurturing relationships of life and love wherever we serve. Our core values include faith, integrity, commitment, compassion and respect. Chalice has been named one of the top 100 Canadian charities in MacLean's 2020 Best Charities list. Chalice Canada tied for second place overall, and ranked first in international charities with a 97.5% out of 100% rating.

Sponsor Visit FAQs

May I bring gifts?
Yes. Gifts such as colourful books of Canada, scenic postcards or maps, family photos or school supplies are wonderful ice-breakers when you first meet your Chalice sponsored child. Practical gifts for the family like clothing, hygiene items or cooking utensils are also appropriate and could be purchased in country prior to your visit or between the initial meeting and visiting the home of your sponsored child (if applicable). When selecting gifts, please be sensitive to your sponsored child's lack of possessions and remember that siblings and/or other children in the community will likely be gathered around as well.

It is important not to make promises to your sponsored child to provide additional help. Following your visit you will have the opportunity to discuss with the Sponsor Site how you may continue to help. Please do not give money directly to your sponsored child, family or community members. If you would like to assist in meeting additional needs of the child, family and/or Sponsor Site your Sponsor Representative can explain how to give special money or grant donations before you go or when you get home. In order to protect your privacy, sharing personal contact information about where you live is discouraged.

Sponsor visits are life changing and have a lasting impact on all involved! Chalice seeks to ensure that every effort is made such that the sponsor and the child are given every opportunity to strengthen their relationship and gain a greater appreciation for each other.
What should I wear?
When you are visiting your Chalice sponsored child please dress modestly. Keep in mind that clothing may be a sensitive cultural issue. If you have questions or concerns about what is appropriate to wear, ask the person from the Sponsor Site with whom you are coordinating your visit. A comfortable pair of walking shoes or sneakers is essential.
Will I be able to take pictures?
While it is usually acceptable to take photos of your visit, you must ask permission. The Chalice Sponsor Site staff or translator will advise you about this. Please respect the wishes of your sponsored child's family if they do not want their picture taken. If you are able to share a few photos of your visit afterwards (by mail or email), it is a nice keepsake for your sponsored child! Contact your Sponsor Representative to find out how to do this.
How long will my visit last?
Sponsor visits are highly rewarding when sufficient time for the visit is made available to permit the child and sponsor to connect. It is recommended that at least one full day of available time be scheduled for the visit (this does not include travel time). If your schedule will only allow for a short visit, please let Chalice know this when you are making the initial arrangements.
How will my sponsored child feel about my visit?
Chalice sponsored children and their families are usually very honoured and excited to meet their sponsor. Your sponsored child may initially be quite shy and the experience may be overwhelming or intimidating. Give your sponsored child some time to get comfortable with you. You may receive a special welcome from the elders, leaders and even the entire community. Be assured that your sponsored child will cherish the memory of your visit for years to come.
Should I contact the Sponsor Site when I first arrive in my sponsored child's country?
Yes, the office will expect to hear from you once you arrive in order to finalize the details o fyour visit. You will be provided with the name, address, email and/or telephone number of the Sponsor Site before you leave.
What if I don't speak the language?
The Chalice Sponsor Site will provide assistance with translation if needed.
Where will I meet my sponsored child?
Sponsors will typically meet their child at the Site office, school, community centre or church for the initial meeting. Welcoming a foreigner into your home can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for our sponsored families. Therefore Chalice seeks to respect the unique needs of each family. Availability to visit the child's home will be assessed by the Site and where possible facilitated after the initial meeting. During your visit you will see how your support is bringing about positive change in your sponsored child's community.
Do I need immunizations?
It is important that you visit a travel clinic or speak with your health care professional before any international travel. They will be able to provide you with information about diseases and immunizations, prevention measures, advice on food and travel insurance with medical coverage. At Chalice, we request that you check the Travel Reports and Warnings that are provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada for further information: .
What if I have to cancel or make changes?
Cancelling your visit should be avoided if at all possible. If you must cancel for unavoidable reasons, please contact us as soon as possible. As the coordination of your visit may already be in progress, you may be requested to reimburse Chalice for any incurred expenses. If changes to your itinerary affect the plans made for your visit, contact Chalice immediately and we will try to coordinate alternative plans.
What expenses will I have in visiting my sponsored child?
You are responsible for covering all the expenses related to the visit for both yourself and the local Chalice staff member. This includes transportation to and from your sponsored child's community, meals and accommodations (if applicable). Assistance with arrangements for accommodations in country may be available through the Site where sufficient notice is provided.
What is a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search?
All Chalice sponsors and their guests aged 19-24 need to submit the results of a Criminal Record Check (CRC) before they can visit the site. All sponsors and their guests aged 25 or older need to submit the results of a CRC with a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) before they can visit the site. The CRC with VSS is a background check for those in contact with vulnerable persons; both can be completed by your local police department or the RCMP. This check is required by most organizations in Canada that provide opportunities for individuals to form relationships with vulnerable persons. This is a requirement of Chalice's insurance provider. It can take several weeks to process a CRC with VSS; for example, in some areas it can take as long as 12 weeks. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.
What do I need to begin the process?
Please contact your Sponsor Representative as soon as possible (ideally three months before you plan to go) to let them know you are considering visiting your child. They will answer any preliminary questions you have, register your visit and put you in touch with the International Department Administrator, who will help you work out the details in coordination with the Sponsor Site.

The following documents are required from each person wishing to visit:

  • Signed Personal Information and Emergency Contact form
  • Signed Informed Consent
  • Signed Release of All Claims Against Chalice
  • Copy of valid Passport (some countries require it to be valid a certain length of time after leaving)
  • Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search
  • Copy or details of travel itinerary, indicating days of Site visit
  • Proof of Travel Medical Insurance with worldwide coverage

Gift Catalogue FAQs

Can I send my card anonymously?
Yes - we'll inscribe the card in whatever way you prefer.
Can I ask you to buy an item not in the catalogue?
No - the items in the Chalice catalogue have been carefully selected by the regional directors. A new item can be suggested and we will present the idea for future consideration. We do not participate in any joint marketing campaigns for products.
How do I sponsor a child?
The Chalice gift catalogue can be used to sponsor a child on an annual basis for $504 using a credit card.

To sponsor a child on a monthly basis for $42, we recommend using automatic withdrawal which is much more economical than a credit card. We would be happy to arrange this for you at 1-800-776-6855.
If I can't afford the whole item, can I buy part of one, like a school?
Not from the gift catalogue. But Chalice donors can consider paying for part of a community project. These are listed on our website, with more information available by calling 1-800-776-6855.
Can I pay for my purchase with cash?
Cash should never be sent through the mail. If someone drops into the Chalice Bedford office in person, we can accept the cash and provide a temporary receipt.
Can I make a purchase with a credit card?
Credit card transactions can be accepted and the gift card will go out promptly to the person you wish to honour.
Can I send you a cheque?
Can I make purchases by automatic withdrawal?
Yes, but we have a minimum monthly automatic withdrawal of $20.
Will I hear from the person who receives my gift?
No - we don't have the administrative staff or the dollars to follow every gift. We will, however, publish stories in the Chalice newsletter that show how some of the items have made a difference to the community. Stories are also included in the next edition of the catalogue.
If I send multiple gifts, will you send multiple cards?
Will you send the card to me (the donor) so that I can give it?
When will my card go out?
Usually in the next morning's mail. We send by Canada Post only.
What percentage of my donation goes into the gift?
100%. Our administrative overhead is recovered from other sources.
Why are houses and schools so cheap?
In tropical climates, buildings don't have indoor plumbing, electrical wiring, heating systems, insulation, storm windows, multiple rooms and many other things we're accustomed to in Canada.
Some of these items are odd. Who chose them?
The Chalice Regional Directors who live overseas chose these specific items because they are really needed and are also appropriate to the local culture.

Examples are:

Horses: In Ukraine, families need horses to plow fields and pull carts for transportation.

Jiko Stove: In Africa, it's a safe way to cook and can burn any fuel from twigs to scrap paper.

Bees are needed everywhere. When there's no pollination, plants don't grow. Bees also provide an income.
Does the donor get the tax receipt, or can it be sent to the honouree?
Only the donor can receive the tax receipt. Tax receipts cannot be sent to the honouree. Tax receipts cannot be split between people.

Tax receipts will not be issued to individuals as a result of group activities such as a school or parish campaign.
Will I get a tax receipt?
Yes - receipts are automatically issued. Your receipt for tax purposes will be sent in February of the following year. Chalice's official charitable tax number is: BN: 137591012RR0001.
Is there HST or GST?
No - this is a donation. No items will be purchased in Canada.
What is the most useful gift to buy?
Each of the gifts in the Chalice catalogue has been identified as essential by the communities that we work with. It would be true to say that all of them are important.

We would like to expand our health services, in particular the fight against the spread of HIV ($300).

Every child needs a visit to a doctor or dentist ($25).

As the price of food keeps rising, nutrition is becoming more and more important and needed ($50 - food for a family).

Our sponsor sites also have young people who are ready to move on to higher education and our Scholarship Fund will help them prepare for meaningful careers and community leadership ($400).

If you still cannot decide, then we have a 'most needed' section where the most immediate needs of our sponsor sites will be met.
How can I receive a catalogue?
If you wish to receive a Chalice gift catalogue you may contact our office and one will be mailed to you.
If I buy a goat, will a goat actually be provided?
The answer is yes, within categories. A goat will be provided if there is a request for one from our sites. If not, then we will keep the money within the category and another animal will be provided that is needed by the Chalice sponsor site.
How are the items in the gift catalogue chosen?
The Chalice regional directors who live overseas choose the specific items based on need and suitability to their local culture, because they are really needed and also appropriate to the local culture.

Horses - Ukraine needs horses to plow fields, and pull carts for transportation.

Jiko Stove - In Africa, it's a safe way to cook and can burn any fuel from twigs to scrap paper.

Houses - Due to constant flooding, flood resistant houses are needed in Bangladesh.

Bees and Bee Hives - These items are needed in all areas, as they are necessary for pollination and plant growth.
Who helps decide what goes where?
A Chalice staff committee of five ... made up of the Senior Fund Development Manager, the International Communications Officer and three International Managers, consider the requests that come in from our various sites (located in 15 different countries) and make decisions based on their individual needs.

All our sites are monitored for quality and administrative integrity.
Can I send something to my sponsored child or to his or her country?
No - unfortunately, this is not possible. The goal of the Chalice gift catalogue is to help the sponsor sites obtain the items that they need most.
Where do the prices come from?
The prices shown for gift items in  the Chalice gift catalogue are based on the average costs of purchasing the items around the world. Sometimes there are necessary additional costs. A medical professional may be required to assess patients and administer medications. The price of a goat may include vaccinations and training in animal husbandry.
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