A dignified house for a family in India

Having your own house in a developing country is mostly impossible. Mathani, her husband, and 5 children lived in a deficient house near our Nellore site in India. The family constantly worried about the rain, insects – or even reptiles – coming into their little hut. 

Their house required extensive repairs that the family could not afford. Masthani’s husband’s income could only pay their children’s education bills and daily needs. 

The situation was desperately bad, their children didn’t have privacy and there was no place to study properly. “The children lacked a suitable space to study and complete their schoolwork.” the Nellore site staff recalls. 

India Nellore family mom dad smile home
Manthani’s family with their new home in India.

Mathani was overjoyed to learn that their family had received a house thanks to the housing construction project.
This project provides 14 families their own house and latrines. There are 41 children in these families, and their parents have a very limited income.   

The site also will provide workshops about good hygiene practices and home cleanliness to prevent diseases.    

As a result, these 14 families now live in a safe and comfortable house with spacious rooms to study, cook, and sleep. “These family members were not only given a new home by Chalice but also new hope and confidence.” the Nellore staff write.  

Mathani’s family expresses their infinite gratitude for this gift to the generous donors and for providing a dignified house for the family.  

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