Santa Ana soup kitchen in Peru fights malnutrition

The Cañete site in Peru runs the Santa Ana soup kitchen, which is attended daily by numerous children, teens, and adults. Most of them struggle with food insecurity and have signs of malnutrition and anemia.

The Cañete site has run their daily nutrition program for nine years, supported by Chalice. The number of nutritious, balanced, nutrient-rich lunches expected this year exceeds 2900. In addition to the daily meals program, the site will identify and work with children and adults to resolve nutrition issues, as well as conduct hemoglobin screenings, parasite tests and treatment, and anemia treatment. 

Moreover, the staff will work with the parents, educating them on topics related to nutrition and motivate them to make lasting changes in their homes. These sessions will include hands-on workshops, helpful guidance in understanding nutritional values, food safety, and personal hygiene/disease prevention. 
This program will help 182 people this year, including 42 sponsored children. The site also receives nonsponsored children who are left home alone all day because their parents’ work; children with parents that do not have stable work opportunities; elderly community members who are by themselves and are food insecure.   

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