Eleven new houses for our Samar site families

Most houses in the Samar site are flimsy structures made of light materials. This means that when typhoons or low-pressure storms hit the Philippines during the rainy season, houses are extremely susceptible to damage or collapse. 

Earlier last year, the staff from our Samar site identify 11 families residing in the most vulnerable homes with poor conditions. The houses of 24 sponsored children or elders, who urgently need proper housing. 

Maricel, our Samar site director, knows what a good house ought to be: “A house brings the family closer together and is where happy memories are made. It is where children grow and flourish. It is but a place of joy and love.”

On top of being a place of family togetherness, a good house needs to be sturdy and secure. “A house is a place of refuge and a safe haven,” Maricel adds. Through the support of Chalice donors, the site initiated a project to build new, stable houses for these 11 families.

Each of the new homes is 6 m x 4.3 m, has three doors and windows, a fully plumbed bathroom, and is designed by an architect. They are constructed of cement with timber roofs and trusses. Each home is fully wired for electricity. 

By August 2022, the families were ready to move in! The site held a celebratory Mass for all the families and site staff.

“After months of wait and sacrifices, the eleven beneficiaries, with smiles on their faces, will finally get the full and complete ownership of the property,” writes Maricel. “This is truly a day to remember in their life; and a moment to cherish.”

“Our heartfelt and sincerest gratitude to Chalice for the opportunity given to the families to have decent, strong, and safe houses,” Maricel continues.

“To donors, sponsors, God’s servant, and all who made contributions for this housing construction to be realized, thank you so much. This would have been impossible without your kindness and generosity.”   

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