Kavisree’s breathing is made easier with an oxygen machine

Kavisree is two years old, and is the daughter of Sathish, a Skills @ Chalice faculty member in our Madurai sponsor site. When not teaching with Skills @ Chalice, Sathish has been doing freelance work to support his two daughters, his wife, and his widowed mother.

In January, Kavisree had shortness of breath, weight loss, and was so cold her fingernails were blue. Sathish took her to the public hospital for blood work and lung scans. They showed that Kavisree had pneumonia and bronchitis. Her doctor prescribed antibiotics and steroids, but there was no improvement to the little one’s health.  
Kavisree underwent an endoscopy and genetic testing, which suggest she may have a hereditary lung condition. Her doctors are optimistic that she may grow out of her breathing difficulties.  
Nevertheless, the toddler always needs an oxygen machine with her, which the hospital was providing short term. But she needed one of her own, and along with her medicine and extra funds for nutritious foods, Kavisree’s treatment costs were far outside Sathish’s humble budget.  
Thankfully, generous Chalice supporters stepped in and helped the struggling dad.  

“Chalice sent kind support for his daughter with an O2 machine,” reports the Madurai sponsor site staff.  

With it, Kavisree “continues to have uninterrupted breathing. She is growing well.” Everyone continues to hope that as she gets older, she will begin to breathe well, unaided.     

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