Ranju’s uterine tumour was successfully treated

Ranju is the proud mother of Pronami and Dharitri, both Chalice-sponsored students. She has been suffering from severe stomach pain since January and has been diagnosed as a uterine tumour.

Ranju, 45, is widowed and has been managing as the sole provider for her family. She weaves traditional towels for an income. She persevered through the initial stomach pains, thinking it would pass by itself. When the pain intensified, she went to the hospital for diagnostic testing. She knew she needed regular treatment but delayed her appointments, fearing that she would incur medical bills she could not afford. Finally, with support from her neighbours, she went for her results, which showed a uterine tumour needing surgical removal. She underwent the surgery in June.

The operation was a success! But as Ranju had feared, the medical expenses reached a total she could not manage. She was terrified that it would spell the end of her daughters’ educations.

“She was worried how she will repay the money she owe to her neighbours,” the Assam site staff remember. Upon learning of Ranju’s situation, the site staff requested the full amount on the hard-working mother’s behalf. Generous Chalice supporters stepped in to cover Ranju’s diagnostic tests, hospitalization, surgical costs, and medicine. She is fully recovered, and has now resumed her weaving.

Ranju writes, “Thank you Chalice for the utmost help in the most critical time I had. I could never imagine without this help what would have happened.” “Now I am fine, and it is all because of you that I could recover. I can never repay you the favour you have given to me. Thank you very much Chalice.”

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