3 Reasons to Sponsor a Child This School Year

Ah, September. The time when parents frantically gather the components of school lunches, children beg for the coolest new backpack, and teachers frantically search for the right books for their classrooms. 

With all the business that comes with going back to school, sponsoring a child might not be the first thing on your mind. But we’re here today with a few reasons why incorporating giving into your school year is a good idea. 

#3 Teach Your Child About Giving

When you sponsor a child, you benefit more than just the person you’re sponsoring. It’s also a fun way for your child to learn what it means to give.  

By supporting another child specifically in another country, your own child sees the impact your gift is having. It’s more than just a donation to a faceless cause – it’s a real person with dreams and ambitions of your own.  

You and your child will receive an annual update and Christmas card from your sponsored child, allowing you to see their progress. You can even write back! 

With sponsorship, you’ll give your child an understanding of charity and giving to last a lifetime. 

#2 Help a Child Afford Education

In countries like Canada and the U.S., we’re fortunate to have public education systems. But in many countries around the world, this isn’t the case. Parents pay fees for their children to attend grade school, which are often hard to manage on top of other expenses.  

When fees aren’t paid, students are forced to drop out and find work. 

With Chalice sponsorship, the fees are taken care of. Parents must prioritize education when deciding how to use the sponsorship funds, and as a result, thousands of children have flourished. Many even go on to university or college afterwards and find successful careers.  

Education is the start, and sponsorship makes it possible.  

#1 An Educational Opportunity

Here’s the thing: sponsorship is a chance to teach your child something new. Not just about giving, like we mentioned in the first reason, but about the world. 

When you sponsor a child in a developing country, your own family can learn about life in that country. Research the challenges and triumphs of that country, learn a bit of the local language, and gain a better understanding of life in a new place. 

Sponsoring a child is a chance to enrich your mind, and those of your family. What better way to start the school year? 

Sponsor a child today!