How Chalice Supporters Alleviated Drought in Kenya

In parts of Canada and the U.S., rainfall is so common, it’s almost a nuisance. We grumble as we walk home in the rain, or complain off-handedly to our colleagues about the commute to work.  

It’s tempting to forget that in many parts of the world, rain isn’t a nuisance – it’s life.  

Kenyans have dealt with ongoing drought over the past several years, and Chalice’s Mombasa site was no exception. 

“It has been a period of 3 consecutive years without rain at Mombasa region,” site staff wrote in a report. 

“This means the small-scale farmers in Kikambala and Patanani have not harvested any food crops from their farms.” 

By the end of 2021, the situation verged on disaster. Children struggled to sleep with nothing in their stomachs, while the mental health of elders suffered. Others with weaker immune systems dealt with disease, exacerbated by the lack of food. 

Something had to be done.  

Chalice staff put a call for their donations out to their supporters, and waited. But they didn’t have to wait long!  

Quickly, Chalice supporters opened their hearts to the people at the Mombasa site, and donations poured in.  

“Your support brought smile to the frowning faces of our beneficiaries,” writes Sr. Jane, Mombasa’s site director.  

With the donations, the site staff bought maize, oil and beans for children and families at the site. They turned up “in great numbers”, says Sr. Jane, and accepted the food with a “great smile and laughter.” 

“Your great support was and will be treasured in the hearts of our sponsored families and us. Thank you for always being around us,” Sr. Jane writes.