Child Sponsorship Sparked Career Opportunities for this Family

Nitesh’s job may involve playing with fire, but don’t worry – he’s built a business and a reputation as an expert in just that.  

In fact, as a metal fabricator, he finds his passion for the trade grows stronger each day.  

But building a successful business took a lot of blood, sweat, and dare we say, fire.  

Together, Nitesh and his wife have three children, and they live with his parents. He’s always had a passion for working with metal, and initially trained as a welder.  

Though he worked in the field for 10 years, welding took its toll. Despite working hard, he still didn’t earn enough income to support his family.  

What he wanted more than anything was to start his own business, but the chances of getting the money together was low. 

That was, until his eldest daughter was selected for the Chalice sponsorship program. As it turned out, that little spark was just what Nitesh needed. 

With his daughter’s school fees covered, he began to put a small amount of money into savings, with the hope of one day opening a business. 

It all seemed to shatter, though, when COVID-19 lockdowns took hold in India, and Nitesh lost his regular job. Suddenly, he was without any income, and though he had all the skills to start a business, didn’t have the money.  

With just hope in his pocket, he asked his friend to lend him a space to run a shop. With the space secured, he used a bit of his savings to buy the machinery. 

“That’s how he started all over again,” the Goa site staff write. 

Now, Nitesh is a metal fabricator, making things like gates, trollies and window grills, earning enough money to support his family in the process. 

“Following his dream hasn’t come without challenges. He faced challenges and did not allow his dream to die,” the staff write. 

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