Sponsorship Empowers Women To Succeed

When women are given opportunities, they are unstoppable. And who knows that better than mother-of-three Lorenza?  

This enterprising mother lives near our Ayolas site in Paraguay, and is fortunate two of her children, Cesar David and Rodrigo Ariel, have Chalice sponsors. Lorenza “faces difficulties with courage”, our site staff write, while sharing the values of love and responsibility with her children. 

Since two of her children are sponsored, Lorenza is a member of a Chalice Family Circle Group. Parents meet monthly to discuss expenses and empower one another to start small businesses.  

Soon, it was Lorenza’s turn to be empowered. 

She began her own stall selling vegetables. She has a myriad of fresh veggies, including lettuce, parsley, and tomatoes. Every day, she cleans and transports them using her motorcycle. She tends to her garden with a mother’s touch, and even took a course to improve her crop and reduce the risk of pests. 

Thanks to her sons’ sponsorship, she and her husband have been saving, and used the money to buy seeds to expand their orchard. Now, they can easily cover their children’s healthcare, food, and education, including expensive items like school uniforms and meat. 

Lorenza and her husband are strong role models for other families in the community, our site staff write. 

“They are deeply grateful for the help received, especially in this time of pandemic, where thanks to the [garden business] they have been able to get ahead,” they write. 

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