Calex Gives Back

From just a young age, Calex had a front row-seat into what it means to be successful. 

Hailing from near our Don Bosco site in Paraguay, he used to accompany his mother and father while they sold straws and brooms.  

At age 10, Calex was fortunate to be selected by a kind Chalice sponsor, and with their help, remained dedicated and faithful to his studies.  

He finished high school, and went on to university, a major step in his life, eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Science. 

It takes many of us years to figure out what we want to do, and so it was for Calex. He realized his desire to work in kinesiology, but needed to go back to school.  

His parents, though they knew how much it would cost to build a career, supported him. He went on to receive a degree in kinesiology and physical therapy! 

With all his hard work, it’s no surprise Calex is already working in his profession. He’s excited to get a job at the hospital, and perhaps even run his own consulting firm. 

With his newfound income, he supports his parents’ expenses, and offers his own services to members of his community – free of charge. 

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