Chalice Supporters Made One Family’s Life ‘Beautiful’

Picture Jesmolita, the eldest daughter of three siblings, living near our Orissa site in India. She and her family lived in a small old house, striving to get by on a humble budget.  

In short, it was challenging – at one point, they couldn’t even afford adequate food and clothing. A good education was an even more distant dream.  

Enter Jesmolita’s Chalice sponsor, a kind individual who uplifted the family in their darkest time. 

With their support, Jesmolita started going to school, and her siblings had more support for their education and healthcare, too.  

Her parents, daily wage labourers, began saving. With the money they put aside, they spent a little time each evening building their dream house. To show for it now, they have a beautiful home. 

Despite the family’s success, no one was safe from the effects of COVID-19. Yet once again, Chalice supporters stepped up, and the family received extra funds through the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund. It made a big difference! 

Looking to their future, the family decided it would be best for Jesmolita’s mother, Sunsati, to start a new career. Already a trained tailor, the next steps were clear. All she needed was a sewing machine. 

With encouragement from her local Chalice Circle Group, Sunsati used funds from her family funding account to buy a new sewing machine. It’s transformed her life, allowing her to support her family from home.  

“The kindness shown by Chalice has made our life beautiful,” Sunsati says. 

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