A Helping Hand for Marco

When Brother Marcelin first met Marco, he saw a boy who would someday be a great man.  

Br. Marcelin, director of Chalice’s Haiti South site, knew Marco had the potential to accomplish all his dreams. To get there, though, he desperately needed a helping hand. 

Marco suffered from a disease called lichen planus, an inflammatory skin disease that caused itchy lesions in his hands. Everyday actions like putting on shoes or holding a feather were challenging. His mother, Mrs. Marlene, visited many hospitals in the city of Jérémie, but the pricey treatments were out of reach.  

Meanwhile, Marco kept going to school, determined his education wouldn’t be disrupted. 

Full of faith and perseverance, Mrs. Marlene never gave up on finding help for her son. After a long search, she finally turned to Chalice – a turning point in her and Marco’s lives. With the help of site staff, the clouds began to part, and the sun shone through. 

The staff put in a critical needs request for Marco, and generous Chalice donors soon stepped in. With their help, he saw a specialist in Port-au-Prince. Soon after, his hands were healed.  

Today, Marco continues to develop physically and intellectually, with his own Chalice sponsor by his side. Mrs. Marlene, knowing her son is healthy, can smile and sleep soundly at night.  

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