Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Sponsorship’ photos photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world. 

Sponsorship. It’s the core of what we do, and the heartbeat of all we’ll do in future. Thousands of children’s lives have been changed, thanks to our amazing supporters. 

This week marks the third in our Gift Catalogue series, and this week, we’re taking it back to basics. Sponsoring a child or elder is always an option through the gift catalogue, and our top 5 ‘Sponsorship’ photos show just how rewarding it can be! 

P.S. Our 2021 gift catalogue is here! 

#5: Nearer to Nursing 

Christine’s story is a reminder that the connections sponsorship makes don’t end when a child exits the program.  

Christine was her parents’ first child and grew up near Chalice’s Meru site in Kenya. She worked hard in school, helped along by her Chalice sponsor, who supported her through her high school and into university.  

Sadly, Christine was forced to pause her studies and work as a hospital custodian to earn income. Though it was hard work, she was inspired by the medical staff and their good work. 

One day as she walked home, she passed a Chalice site staff worker, who struck up a conversation. At this point, Christine had lost hope she could enroll in university again.  

The Meru site staff applied for Christine to receive assistance to re-enroll in post-secondary and urged her to follow her dream of becoming a nurse.  

Now, Christine is a nursing student! And it all started with sponsorship.

#4: Katheryne Makes the Honour Roll

Katheryne lives with her mother Nicolasa, her stepfather Angel, and her little sister Karla. “A calm, cheerful, respectful, intelligent and responsible young woman,” Katheryne is in grade seven. She and her siblings lost their father, but Angel has worked hard to provide for the family in his absence.  

Katheryne was chosen by a kind Chalice sponsor in 2016, a change that has greatly supported Nicolasa and Angel. Katheryne is so grateful, and as a way of returning the grace, she strives for good grades and stays on the honour roll.  

#3:  Armando Excels

Armando is a cheerful and playful child from a multicultural community near Chalice’s Luis Amigo sponsor site.  

He lives with his parents, Elvia and Gelber, a hardworking homemaker and farmer, respectively. Elvia approached the Luis Amigo sponsor site in 2019, hoping to enroll Armando. He was accepted and chosen by a Chalice sponsor shortly thereafter! 

#2:  Tenacity Pays Off 

Velankanni has faced early challenges in life. With her mother passing away, her father was left to raise the kids on the income he made as a casual daily worker. Her older sister found work in a shop upon graduation but needed to support her own family. The family home was in poor condition.  

It was great news for the family when Velankanni was chosen by a Chalice sponsor when she was in grade seven. They even received a new home through the Chalice gift catalogue.  

With tenacity and her sponsor’s support, Velankanni achieved high grades throughout high school, and began teachers’ college! Her sponsor has continued to support her, and their help has covered her tuition costs.  

#1: An Electric Engineer

Sureka sure has an electric smile! She and her siblings ran their mother Arockiya Mary off her feet as kids while she tried to provide for them via her job as an agricultural worker.  

Times were tough, and affording the essentials was hard. So when Sureka was chosen by a Chalice sponsor, everything changed. She’s completed a diploma in electronics communication engineering, and works at a mobile tech company! 

“We certainly thank the sponsors and Chalice,” writes the Tamil site staff, “for supporting this family to shine.” 

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