Dreams Come True in Pochaiv

This might be a sports story, but it’s not your cliché sports story.  

Some kids grow up hearing the words ‘touchdown’ alongside phrases like ‘She shoots, she scores!’ before they can even walk. But in the Ukraine, there are often barriers to playing sports that keep some kids on the bench. 

Take Kyrylo. He’s dreamed of being an athlete since he was a kid, and loves watching sports on TV. He even heads to the local stadium for a game once in a while. But this young boy, who grew up near our Pochaiv site, was limited to spectating.  

That’s because he was born with a congenital umbilical hernia, and desperately needed surgery to fix it in order to play. Sadly, his mother, a single parent, couldn’t afford it, as buying food was already hard enough. Kyrylo’s dreams began to drift further afield.  

Don’t worry, though. His journey wasn’t over. Every sports story needs a hero, right? 

At that moment, Kyrylo’s Chalice sponsor sprinted into his life, and turned his world upside down. 

Sponsorship funds helped pay for his surgery, the “happiest day” of his life, according to site staff.  

He’s now enrolled in a sports school, where he loves his weightlifting club – a dream come true.  

“Kyrylo knows that with Chalice – children’s dreams become reality!” write site staff.  

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